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has it been six and a half years! #cochlear #cochlearimplant #activation

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 1/2 years since Landon was implanted. We have come a long way from that very first day of hearing.

Unilateral hearing loss and academic performance. #cochlear #cochlearimplant #education

 When we were faced with the diagnosis of Landon, we had not idea what a cochlear implant was, nor did we care at the time. When we were introduced to the concept, it was to have a single implantation at one year of age.

Academic performance of HoH children #cochlear #hardofhearning #specialneeds #education

Significant research into the pedagogy of deaf education has been conducted and is based on a visual approach to language acquisition (Carlson, Irons, Rusher, & Gentry, 2009).

Increasing Landon's vocabulary #vocabulary #cochlear

Over the past few months the routine has been the same in my house. 8:30 pm turn off all computer, 9:00 pm time for bed, 9:30 pm still getting quiet, 10 pm, kids asleep. Without fail, Landon or one of his brothers will try to sneak an iPod or 3DS into bed with them to play. After a while they have realized that will not work become Mom and Dad can both hear and see. Since the revelation, Landon has decided he wants to read a book at night.

And so it begins... #cochlear #research #scholarship

What a great movie line. An acknowledgment of a triggering event and the resignation to see events through regardles of the result. This site has been many things over the past few years: app promotion, doctoral student journal and family updates. But, this site has a mission.

UseMyEars Store

I have added some of the most common toys and items purchased to use for therapy with Landon. We buy most of our items from online vendors, specifically Amazon, to get the best prices.

Ling 6 now for Android #ling6 #cochlear #mobile

I have just released a new free version of the Ling 6 Sound App in the Google Play Store.



Moving into new platforms

I have not posted a while because I decided to take a bit of time off after the completion of my doctoral program. Although I have been pretty quiet on the blog, I have been working hard on understanding some new platforms. Over the past five months, I have been working with Android and Windows Phone to try and expand the number of students that can use the sound applications. Although this is a labor of love to help other children like my sone, it still requires monitary support to purchase all the hardware and software needed to develop and publish to the various app stores.

Ph.D. done! Now the real work begins #phd #tigernation #scholarship

Well, it has been a grind. The past year has been an interesting experience. I have defended and edited my disseration, I have been promoted at work, I have submitted my first article from my disseration for review, I have updated all the apps for langague learning and made them free and Landon lost is first tooth! Although the last year has been a grind, I am excited about the opportunities for the coming academic year.


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